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Finding hormone balance has been my journey for the last 13 years. It started with Postpartum, then PCOS + Endometriosis, perimenopause and menopause.

As a busy mom, wife, lawyer and small business owner, I, like many women, put my own health on the back burner. I have struggled with chronic fatigue, moodiness, horrible PMS symptoms, ovarian pain/cysts, migraines, stubborn weight gain, hair loss, irritability, poor sleep, hot flashes and night sweats (just to name a few…).

Hey there, I'm Brooke.

There have been times when I felt like a prisoner in my own body. Mentally I was aware, but physically I felt out of control. And most days, I would just try my best to “survive”.This left me feeling depleted, overwhelmed and most days exhausted!

I understand the hormonal roller coaster, the toll it can take on you physically, mentally and emotionally. I also understand the toll it can take on your family, your relationships, and your overall outlook on life.

The good news: I have been through it + throughout my journey I discovered tools, resources and natural remedies to change my story and yours too!

And if you are feeling overwhelmed with all the information on social media, not knowing where to start, or wanting to make changes that are sustainable, but not sure what that looks like, let me interrupt your thoughts and take some weight off your already full plate —

Over the last 10+ years of helping other women in similar positions, I have learned that one of my gifts is simplifying a lot of information into easy to follow steps! So don’t worry about the ”how”….I have that under control!

Instead I want you to think about the “why”…From one busy woman to another, your health is the greatest gift you can give to those you love and yourself!

My Favorite tv show

Law and Order SVU

If I could travel anywhere tomorrow, it'd be...


Cardio, Weights or Yoga?

I'm a weights girl!

Favorite place to visit with my hubby

Anywhere Outdoors

Famous Dead Person I'd love to meet

Betty White

Favorite Food

Wood fired pizza

Fun Facts About me!

nodding your head right now?

Identify key areas of your current lifestyle that are keeping you from feeling your best

Create a list of resources + tools that will help you reach your health goals 

Create a Plan Of Action to address those key areas that is simple and easy for you to follow 

Determine best path forward, i.e. 1:1 support, group support, etc. 

Enough about me, I'm here to help you...

Laura H. 

"I've noticed my periods are regular and I don't have as extreme PMS symptoms right before. For the last two months it has caught me by surprise because I didn't have the typical symptoms before of nausea and bloating. I've also noticed less cramping and my cycle is a day shorter"

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